Strengthened During the Saliva Panel

This past Sunday, I did a saliva panel that would measure the amounts of hormones my body was producing and also my cortisol levels throughout the day.  I filled four vials with saliva – one in the morning, one at noon, one in the afternoon, and one before bedtime.  I could not take any hormones or other medications at all that day that would reduce or eliminate the accuracy of the panel.

All day, I went without progesterone cream, thyroid medicine, adaptogens (adrenal help), and other supplements that assist with hormonal and reproductive healing.  I felt okay in the morning, but right before leaving for church, I felt weak.  I hadn’t eaten any quality protein, so I grabbed a can of lentil soup on our way out.  I almost put a spoonful of the soup in my mouth before remembering I couldn’t eat garlic or onions either while doing the saliva panel.  Frustrated, I told my husband that the soup had garlic and onion.  He was sorry that I couldn’t eat the soup that I was craving.  We turned around and returned home, already late for church.  My husband found a can of plain lentils.  We put that in a container, added salt, and started for church again.  I ate and thoroughly enjoyed those lentils.

By the time it was 1:30 pm, an hour after I usually take my second thyroid pill, I felt drained and incredibly weak and fatigued.  I was too tired to sing the hymns, and I didn’t even want to move out of my seat after Sacrament meeting was over.  I was afraid that if I went to Primary, I would only be able to sit and do nothing else.  I was afraid I would literally die from exhaustion or a stopped heart.  I wanted to go home, take a thyroid pill, and curl up in bed.  My husband told me that I would be okay and that if I took a thyroid pill, it would affect all of my hormones and render the saliva panel inaccurate.  I wanted badly to have accurate results, so I listened to my husband’s advice.  I prayed silently for comfort and for strength enough to move and to help my husband teach in Primary.

For the first 45 minutes of Sharing Time, I didn’t sing, but I felt a little more cheerful and peaceful.  I left for a few minutes to eat something, because I couldn’t eat anything an hour before filling a vial.  When I returned, I began singing some of the songs, and I felt a small increase of energy.  When it was time for my husband and me to teach, I helped, and I felt the Spirit.  When we got home, I prayed for help to get the saliva quickly into the vial so that I could eat and bring my blood sugar levels back to normal.  I filled the vial in 30 minutes, as opposed to the 45-60 minutes it had taken to fill the previous two vials.  I thanked Heavenly Father for blessing me with strength at church and for helping me to quickly fill the vial.  I, then, with my husband, helped myself to a hot meal.

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I am happily married to my forever Sweetheart. I enjoy the outdoors, and I love hiking with my husband. I love cooking Indian food - and eating it too.
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2 Responses to Strengthened During the Saliva Panel

  1. Linna Jo Watson says:

    I love that through your trials you give thanks and unspoken gratitude to your Heavenly father Jessi. You truly know the love and care he gives you. Secondary you thank Father for Ty. I had no idea you were on any synthetic or organic medication to keep everything in check. Your faith was severely tested Sunday. I love your example!

    • jlbullough says:

      Thank you, Momma. I’ve got a really awesome doctor. 🙂 She’ll have the results in about a month. Yay! Then we’ll know what to do from there. Since the last test, we’ve been treating me based on the symptoms I’ve been having, which has really helped. When the test results come, we’ll be more accurate in the treatment. I love you.

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